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alec vanderboom

I’m currently reading a mammoth book on the civil war. Today we pull up in front of the National Building Museum. What should I spy-- but a mammoth 150 foot fresco of the union army complete with artillery, gun boats and the walking wounded limping behind on their crutches. Turns out that the bright red brick building was built in 1888 to house the Civil War Pension office. Inside is an open courtyard the size of two football fields and fascinating exhibits on the history of architecture in Washington D.C.

Also tres chic for the under six crowd. The National Building Museum’s ‘Building Zone’ is an indoor play area we nicknamed “boy heaven.” Legos the size of your foot, toy dump trucks, and a book nook filled with such exciting tales as “building a sod home on the prairie.” A must repeat visit, especially for families with young kids and design history junkie parents.