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Fish lips

alec vanderboom

My sister's fish, Scarlet, the sassy beta, is currently living on top of my refrigerator while she conducts research for her Master's Thesis in West Africa. Aunt Emily is a beloved figure in these parts for having the same name as a girl engine on the Thomas The Train series (Lex), for buying high heeled boots of which Mother does not approve (Hannah), and for doing things like needing emergency fish sitters because animals can not travel to Africa (Lex and Hannah). The fish is so interesting that it has to live on top of the highest surface in my kitchen or it would be drowned by inquiring toddler fingers. So now, every time I open the freezer to get ice-cream, the fish starts rapidly attacking the glass going "Feed Me! Feed Me!" And of course, since I'm currently on no sleep because my newborn has the stomach the size of a shrunken hazelnut- I'm not always sure when the fish has last received her tasty treats. Which makes me wonder, better to overfeed or underfeed?